When I Rise

Spending time with our Father in the mornings is essential. It morphs our hearts into the creatures God wants us to be. When we fill our minds with His word, His teachings, His news, and His love, we are then plated up in our armor and ready to take on the world.

His Word Guides Us:

With His word inked into our hearts every morning, we are then able to go out into the world protected. His word gives us the knowledge to know what is of God, what we should turn away from, and how to help our brothers and sisters.  His word guides us as we blindly walk through the day, keeping faith that our God knows what lies ahead.

His Word Protects Us:

The Bible tells us that when we fill our minds and bind our hearts with God’s word, we are then protected from evil.  {Proverbs 2:1-12}  I know that when I wake up and immediately check social media, emails, etc. I am filled with self doubt, worry, anxiety, and a scraped heart. However, when I wake up and fill my soul with God’s precious word I am filled with gladness, joy, strength, and peace. His word protects my heart throughout the day from the desires to please others and the darkness of the world. His knowledge gives me strength for the day.

I know it is difficult to want to wake up and be filled with God’s word rather than just roll over and turn on social media to see what others have been up to. But I challenge you to wake up tomorrow and for just 10 minutes open your bible, bible app, read a devotional, or just pray and be with Him. Watch and feel His love and peace flow upon you. Let His word be Happily Inked on your heart.

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