What Will Heaven Be Like

This past Sunday in church my pastor (Jim) talked about heaven and what heaven will be like. He said there is no temple in heaven because The Lord and The Lamb are its temple. (Revelation 21:22-27) Jim said heaven is like going to church 24/7 because you are forever WITH Jesus and The Lord. Forever with Jesus. Forever with The Lord. How amazing is that…

To think that one day we will be able to walk along with The Lord and to sit down and be with God. Now there is no electricity in heaven. The light in heaven is given off by The Lord’s heavenly glory and The Lamb’s heavenly glory. There will be no more sunshine. The will be no more sun sets or sun rises. There will be no more moonlight either because The Lord will be your everlasting light.

According to the Bible, the city will be 1,200 miles ling, wide, and tall with 3 entrances on each side. 12 jewels throughout the city, golden streets, a wall made of jasper that is about 24 cars wide and gates made of pearls. Heaven is a type of beautiful that will never be matched on Earth. I believe The Lord made heaven so beautiful because for one it is HIS HOUSE. I mean its the biggest most beautiful house in the universe because its The Lord’s House. It is big enough to fit all of his children.

The second possibility is that he loves beauty. I mean look at our world. He made colorful delicate flowers, breath taking sunsets, crystal clear oceans, and some astounding animals. He didn’t have to make the Earth a beautiful place, but he did. Maybe to wow us of his powers, maybe because he loves colors, maybe because he loves beauty. 

Either way, heaven is going to be the most beautiful and pure place. Our glorious God would make nothing less than the best for HIS home. His home that he so graciously wants us to be apart of. How cool is that?!

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