Violence Creates Violence 


On every social media site, television program, and newspaper all we see nowadays are violence, protests, and people destroying their own cities. Smoke filling the ally’s from the fires set by protestors, broken glass on the streets from shattered windows, and fights breaking out just because the other person has a different view point. It is like people are just creating chaos for the sake of chaos.  They seem so consumed by the action of protesting and causing a scene, and instead of getting their word out and trying to fix an issue, they decide to create a larger problem that creates a hostile environment.


Violence creates violence. Peace creates peace. It’s as simple as that. Yet so many people miss it. They don’t see that by burning cars, shattering windows of businesses, harming fellow citizens just creates more issues and solves NOTHING. If you want your voice heard by others, and you want to make a positive difference in your society then do it by simply spreading kindness, love, and forgiveness.

People are changed by the kindness, love, and forgiveness you give them. They are not changed by fear, hatred, and pain. They just become numb.  

If you really want to create media buzz then have peaceful protests. Have civilized discussions. Keep an open mind when talking to someone that has a different view point. Because you know what? No one has the same upbringing, living environment, values, ideas, thoughts, friends, coworkers, and family as you. Not everyone is going to think like you do because they have not experienced life like you have experienced it.

It is ok to have different opinions, but it is not ok to attack or act in a hateful manner. Harming others and destroying things does absolutely NOTHING except causing more pain and suffering. Make a difference by being the difference in this world. BE a difference maker. 

Be a person that listens, that is patient, that spread love and kindness through the world. Be open to those who see differently than you do. Demeaning others for their opinions will only cause more malice, and the world does not need any more of that.

Remember, people are changed by acts of love, kindness, and forgiveness. They merely become numb when you respond with hatred, fear, and pain. 

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