Step Away

Lately, I have been feeling such an incredible need to step away from everything and everyone. To leave the world for a few days and just be.... Away from the notifications, the emails, the texts, the calls, the constant bombardment of ads, and the never ending ways of the world. It feels like the world [...]

Book Review: Everybody Always By Bob Goff

If you know me, you know Bob Goff is my all time favorite author. His book Love Does is one that I read every year (sometimes twice a year) because it's just that good. Well Everybody Always, is going to be another one of those books I devour over and over again. Love Does is [...]

Live Happily Inked

The whole reason I started Live Happily Inked was based on one realization... that the world could use a lot more color, love, and kindness Nothing brings me more joy than creating things and spreading kindness to others. So much joy comes from spreading God’s love and kindness towards people and you’d be surprise at [...]

5 Easy Healthy Living Tips

There are soooo many articles, books, podcasts, and even movies out in the world that are all about living healthy. We read, hear, and see these things but most of the time we still stay stuck in our less than healthy lifestyle habits. So what are we to do?? Baby steps. Baby steps are the [...]

Decorating A Small Space

okay WOOOOOOWW it has officially been a year since I moved into my own apartment....It's so crazy how time flies.. BUT after a year of making this place my home, I wanted to share what it looks like and how to make the most out of a studio apartment! 1. Plants Plants are a MUST. [...]

All I Need You To Do Is Jump

Jesus tells us all the time to “take up our cross and follow me” but so many of us are too fearful to do so. We’ve only ever known ourselves, yet he asks us to deny ourselves and all that we know... Kinda scares you a bit, right? Well, that is exactly what needs to happen [...]

Juice Beauty Hydration Kit Review

Happy MONNNDDAAAYYY!!!!!! I hope you all are having an amazing Monday and enjoying this wonderful October day! Alright, so this week's YouTube video is all about Juice Beauty's Hydrating Kit, which can be found at Ulta and Juice Beauty. I LOVE this kit. It's honestly amazing anddddd you can check out my review of the [...]

He Knows Your Pain

  You know when you haven't had any water in a while and start to feel incredibly parched? Lips drying out, tongue gets caught on the roof of your mouth, craving for something to not just quench, but fully satisfy your thirst? Well that was how my soul was feeling. It had been so long [...]

Live Happily Inked Artwork

On this page you will find all of my watercolor artwork! **Updated on February 8th, 2018 If you want to purchase a painting feel free to message me!

3 Ways To Spread Love In The World

Live Happily Inked's mission is to spread love, kindness, and joy throughout the world, whether it be through small acts or large acts. So with that being said, I wanted to share with you all how you can begin to spread love throughout your friends, families, and communities. These are ways that I have found [...]