Live Happily Inked

The whole reason I started Live Happily Inked was based on one realization… that the world could use a lot more color, love, and kindness

Nothing brings me more joy than creating things and spreading kindness to others. So much joy comes from spreading God’s love and kindness towards people and you’d be surprise at how colorful your life becomes when you start walking in love. But what does that really look like? Well it looks like this….

Smiling at strangers, holding doors open for people to go before you, helping someone reach for something, complimenting someone, reaching out to someone, giving someone your time, being compassionate, and still choosing to be kind when someone rubs you the wrong way. Tiny acts with massive power. Kindness and love are actions and these actions bring so much joy and color to life.

To love others fully without any restraint is an amazing way to live life. And it’s the way that Christ teaches us to live life. Because by Living a life that is Happily Inked by God’s love allows your to spread love, joy, and kindness into the world. So keep on spreading that joy because it has the power to bring vibrant colors into someones life in ways you’d never believe.

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