Live A Storied Life


What are good stories made of? Good stories are full of engagement, happiness, despair, joy, laughter, full embodied love, energy, and life. They are filled with interesting characters, enchanting places, and wild adventures. Stories are filled with life. So naturally a well lived life is a storied life. A life full of energy, passion, adventures, sounds, smells, sights, and core soaking feelings.

One way to think of life is as a book. Each year is a page in the universe’s novel, each character introduced is a new soul introduced to the world. Everyone of us is a character in this novel. Everyone of us has a story that intricately tethers together, and before you know it the web of stories creates the story of the universe. But here is the catch. We are in charge of our own stories. God gave us the gift of choice and from that we are in charge of creating the most beautifully lived story there ever was. Sadly, most people do not fully live out their life’s story.

Whether it is because they do not feel qualified enough, special enough, smart enough, or interesting enough many people choose not to fully live. We all hear of those people that made it and are living out their dreams and goals and decided to go against the grain to create their life’s masterpiece. We are drawn into them, wanting fervently to live fully, but settle for living out our dreams through others. We fantasize, dream, and think, but never act.

It is time to act out those dreams, ideas, and thoughts. Fully participate in life and never think twice about half way living life. Be so in love with life that you have to force yourself to sleep. Be so in love with life that joy ooze out of your soul and spreads to those around you. Create your story. Create many stories! Your mind and soul were designed to do so. Start meeting people, learning cultures, learning languages, tasting different foods, seeing magnificent places, and live to have your breath taken away by God’s beauty. Life is a beautiful story if you let it be… So start living a storied life. 

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