Love Like Jesus

Loving the way Jesus loves is something that we are taught from the beginning of our journey with Christ. It is something that is imprinted on our hearts and we spend our entire lives trying to do, but heavily struggle with. Loving the way Jesus does used to confuse me. I never really new what [...]

A Head Full Of Dreams

We are all on this earth for a specific purpose. We are here because the Lord has something that He needs to be completed, changed, or invented.  He puts these dreams, ideas, and desires in our hearts and intertwines them with our souls so we will go after them, but not everybody goes after these things. Now some [...]


Something I have noticed within the past few months is that people are not really living in the moment anymore... Nowadays it just seem to be that people are walking through life on autopilot, and they are spending their days walking through this precious life responding, managing and coping. We are constantly responding to each other [...]

Eternal Life

"Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life." -John 6:48 The Earth is full of horrendous acts. But we find hope in knowing that Jesus overcame the world. He is waiting for us, His brothers and sisters, to come home. The events that have unfolded over [...]