Something I have noticed within the past few months is that people are not really living in the moment anymore… Nowadays it just seem to be that people are walking through life on autopilot, and they are spending their days walking through this precious life responding, managing and coping. We are constantly responding to each other via text, email, or phone calls, not really engaging with one another. Aimlessly, we scroll through social media and subconsciously respond to an unhealthy amount of content and many false messages from the world. And instead of creating a beautiful life, being intentional in living ,and actually aware of life we are blindly walking through life and forgetting what living life is like. So what are some things that we can do to stop living this beautiful life on autopilot?

Phone Off

Keep your phone off for an hour a day. Not while you are at work or busy doing something, but instead take the time to be with yourself and to be fully present. Go on a walk, read, paint, draw, be with friends or family. Set down that thing and be fully engaged with life.

Go Outside 

Going on outside adventures is an exquisite way to remember how fragile and beautiful life is. Passing by the trees, flowers, looking up into the vast sky, and breathing in the outside air reconnects your soul and body to be in tune with nature. It gets you away from the hustle and bustle of today’s society and seems to slow down time.

Go For A Drive

Going for a drive is another great way to wake up from being on autopilot. Driving through back roads, watching the wind caress the trees, seeing the colorful sunset drape across the sky, and giving your mind a break from the noise of the world can be just the trick for awakening your mind.

Music & Art

Go see a concert, a live theater production, or an art exhibition. Let your mind wander away from business and the world’s stresses, and have your thoughts run wild with imagination. Get lost in the stories being told, the sounds being creates, and the new worlds being fabricated into new shapes and colors. Give your mind a break from mindless ways and set it free in dreaming.

Life is about living fully engaged and growing your soul closer to God…It is not about making money, buying material goods, or making deadlines. We only are gifted a finite amount of time here on Earth before we get to see our heavenly and glorious Father, and none of us know when are last seconds will be. So why are we so content with living on autopilot?


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