What Holds Us Back In Life


Living and being alive are two totally different things in my book. Living means fully experiencing and engaging in all aspects of your life, and being alive means you are healthy, on the safe path, and functioning. Now which would you rather be? Alive, or Living? To fully live means no more holding back, being afraid, or taking the easy way out.To fully live you must love, fail, hope, think, learn, and engage. When we truly live, we experience. So what holds us back from fully living and engaging in this beautiful life?

Choosing Things Over People
When you are on your death bed you are not going to look back in life and say “I am so glad I followed the crowd and did what was safe in life so I could buy all of these things.” No, you are going to wish you’d follow your heart and made life full of experiences and adventures rather than of cars, boats, houses, and other objects. At 90 years old you will be sitting in a chair thinking about the people that shaped your life, the moments that changed your outlook on life, and the feelings shared between the people you encountered.

Being Likable 

When we start being controlled by what others think of our relationships, careers, and appearances we start becoming those people. Our identities become someone else’s. We try so hard to get others to like us that we sacrifice our beliefs, values, and morals. We may not realize that we are doing this, but we do every day. When you are with someone you are either interested in or truly like and they do not like something about your music, sports, or clothing tastes we sometimes alter them to fit those persons views. When we do it out of feeling embarrassed instead of open mindedness, then it can cause us to lose those unique and wonderful aspects. Think of it this way. That person is not in the relationship or career you are happy in and absolutely love. They may not like that person or job, but you do. So don’t live a life for the sake of others approval of you. Live a life that makes your heart and soul burn with happiness and radiate with joy.

Following The Safe Path
This is pretty simple to understand yet still so many of us fall into the trap. Don’t follow the same route that others take. We were all made to think and do different things. Not all of us are supposed to be doctors, lawyers, football stars, actresses, or writers. We all have specific things that we are naturally great at and things we are horrendous at
We lose a part of ourselves when we stick to the paths that society prepares for us, Some of us are not meant to go to college, others are. Some of us are SO bad at math, and others are great at it. If your soul calls you to be a risk taker and go backpacking around the world, then do it. If your soul calls for you to become the greatest hip hop dancer, then do it! You are naturally good at some things for a reason, so don’t be put off by peopling telling you “No.” or by the process it will take to get to where you want to be.

Holding grudges

Holding grudges is something that we all have done or still do, and it holds us so far back in life. When we hold a grudge, we stay stuck in the past. Never moving forward with our lives. You will always remember that one time your best friend talked behind your back, so you start letting fewer and fewer people into your life. You could miss so many great experiences with someone because you are still holding that grudge from years prior when a friend did something that hurt you. Fully living means constantly moving forward. Don’t look back unless it’s for reminiscing with friends or to learn from past experiences. Don’t let one bad moment ruin your mood for future memories.

So when are you going to start fully living?

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