3 Ways To Spread Love In The World

Starts 2/20 while supplies last

Live Happily Inked’s mission is to spread love, kindness, and joy throughout the world, whether it be through small acts or large acts. So with that being said, I wanted to share with you all how you can begin to spread love throughout your friends, families, and communities. These are ways that I have found to be impactful and I hope they are for you too.

Spreading Love Through What You Wear & Own:

Some businesses that I admire for promoting and spreading love are Love Does, Walk In Love., and Love Button Global Movement. These are beautiful organizations that have the same mission of giving love to the world. They truly serve others who want to serve others.

  • Walk In Love. is a clothing company that has loving messages you can wear. You can read more about Walk In Love. by clicking here.
  • Love Button Global Movement is a organization that makes these cute little buttons that say love on them. The idea behind it is that you will wear the buttons to remind people about love, and to give and share the love button with others. So I try to keep a few in my car, pocket, on my jacket, on my backpack, and at work so that when someone is being wonderfully kind or needs love, to it’s their birthday I hand them a little love button! While it may seem like a small gesture, it has massively good intentions and loads of love behind it. Check out Love Button Global Movement by clicking here.
  • Love Does is an organization that promotes love as an action verb. Love is something you do not something you feel. Bob Goff’s Love Does book created this organization, and now they build schools for children around the world and share God’s love. Check more out by clicking here.

Spreading Love Through Service:

Spreading love through service is a more hands on approach, because you can spread so much love in the world by simply giving your time to help others. There are so many different ways you can spread love whether it is by taking the time to help a friend out, helping out with extra tasks at work, helping out at school with projects or organizations, donating, and the more obvious impact of volunteering in your community.

Spreading Love Through Growing Yourself:

This may seem like an odd way to spread love through the world, but growing yourself is vitally important. When you consistently grow yourself and make yourself better, you then are able to give more.

The Good Life Project is an organization that focuses on spreading love and goodness through the world of conversations and connecting with others. They podcast about 2 days a week, and all of their podcasts are about making you think about what life is meant for, how to live a good life, and how to impact the world for the better. The conversations Jonathan Fields has with the people he brings on the show are deep and colorful conversations. His book called The Good Life Project is also amazing, and is all about helping you figure out how to live a good life. Check out more by clicking here.


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