He Knows Your Pain


fullsizeoutput_2903.jpegYou know when you haven’t had any water in a while and start to feel incredibly parched? Lips drying out, tongue gets caught on the roof of your mouth, craving for something to not just quench, but fully satisfy your thirst? Well that was how my soul was feeling. It had been so long since I had gone to a Sunday morning church service at my favorite church, and it was so good to go back. I had been to a couple services at another church, but that church was not a good fit. It was one that was so focus on entertaining people and on creating a concert and movie production feel, and I just needed the simplicity back. I needed the stripped back worship music, and the focus to be on God’s beautiful word.

So, I got up early this morning all excited and found a great seat in the back corner of the pew. It was so wonderful, light, airy, and you could just feel God’s presence in this place. The message today was so good too. It was about how Christ knows exactly what you are going through, and the pastor explained it in detail. He broke it down into 3 categories of how Christ knows what you are going through by His act of being crucified on the cross.

  1. Spiritual Pain: This one is something I never event thought Jesus experienced, because… I mean it’s Jesus… He is from God. How could He know what spiritual distress is like?? Well, when He was crucified on the cross, all sin was placed upon him. ALL sin from everyone. So, His purity that let Him be close to God was defiled by all of our sins, and God could no longer be with Him. God is so pure and good that He can not be around the darkness of sin. He is so pure  that even though God loved His Son so much, He had to turn away from Jesus. Because of what Christ did, God doesn’t turn His back on us. We were made pure and good by Their sacrifice, and are able to dwell with the Lord our Father.
  2. Emotional Pain: This one also shocked me a little…I didn’t realize the extent of what Jesus went through emotionally with people. I thought He wasn’t really hurt by what people did, because His love was so big. But He was hurt. Everyone He loved turned their backs on Him except for a handful..So many of His followers and disciples turned away from Him and left Him. He was abandoned while going through the most unimaginable physical and spiritual pain possible.
  3. Physical Pain: We all know that Christ died from being nailed to a cross after being beaten, attacked, and near death. His hands and feet where impaled by nails, and His body was beaten until skin was hanging off. So dehydrated, weak, trembling, and bloody. Once they lifted the cross His bodyweight going with gravity towards the ground. His nailed hands and feet keeping Him up, but slowly suffocating Him.

Jesus’s body died in such a horrific way, but He did so to save us. He did so to let us be with our father who is so good and pure that we have to be the same just to be near Him. We let our pride get the best of us, and forget the God is God. He is King of everything. He is so pure and good that we would immediately die because we are tainted with darkness. But God loved us so much and wanted to be with us so much, that He gave up His own Son as the ultimate sacrifice so that we could all be with Him.

No matter what you are going through, Christ understands. He understands the weight of the world. He knows what it is like to be tempted in every sense. He knows what it is like to be alone, to be in pain, and to be at the lowest of lows. He knows what it is like to be ignored, mocked, scorned, beaten, abandoned, and overwhelmed. He knows your pain, and you are not alone.

Thankfully this world is not our home, but just a destination for soul growth and cleaning. We will one day be with our Father and Jesus in Heaven away from pain. But until then, remember that you are not alone. No matter how isolated or lost you may feel, He is with you.



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