Hiding Our Weaknesses

Alright something I’ve noticed recently is that no one talks about their weaknesses and no one accepts their weaknesses… We are all attached to our pride and image that we do not want to look vulnerable or pathetic. No one wants to feel overpowered or stupid. No one wants to feel less than special. And we are special, but the worlds view of special is skewed. To the world special is made to make you feel above others and to feel like you are all that. It has a condescending nature to it. The worlds view of special makes us feel perfect and strong.

But the specialness in the bible is made to make you feel loved by an all mighty God, help grow you closer to Him, and also to make you feel welcomed and safe. It is also made to humble you so that you feel at peace with your weaknesses. Weaknesses shouldn’t be something that we should hide, but instead we should be at peace with. Not afraid if someone finds out a new weakness, but instead filled with contentment. So why are weaknesses so difficult to speak about?

Firstly, don’t hide from your weaknesses. Now that is especially difficult to do this day and age when everything is publicized. A bad picture tagged, an unkind word typed, or a miscommunication between two individuals that blows out of proportion. On social media we posts only the best things in our lives. The greatest moments, angles, and thoughts. For what good is it to show only the good things in life? What happened to showing the real things in life? The hard times that grow our souls. The constant worry that give us tired eyes, but also new found trust in God. The things that humble us and make us realize how tiny we are, but show how glorious our God is.

Secondly, we get lost in our pride. We get lost in making our lives seem amazing and perfect by chasing money, objects, and making sure that the world only knows how great and wonderful you are. We get lost by making sure very few people see how truly weak and vulnerable we actually are.

Now let’s address them! What are the things that you try and hide from others? What are your weaknesses? Some of my weaknesses are that I am not good at numbers (Like very very very very very bad it’s scary), my spelling and grammar are TERRIBLE , my vocabulary is that of a 7th graders (partially due to spelling, and I just can’t seem to remember large words), I am prone to do things halfway, I’m self-conscious and anxious, and I question everything. While it may seem scary to admit what you aren’t good at, it’s actually freeing. You no longer feel embarrassed, and instead own up to it and laughingly say, “Yeah, sometimes spellcheck thinks I’m spelling in a different language and I give up.” (True that is how bad my spelling is.)

Now your weaknesses do not make you, but they are a part of you. It is very humbling to address and realize weaknesses, especially in a world full of shining strengths. But our weaknesses helps us all realize that we need one another, and we need God. We each have our own strengths, and our own weaknesses that makes us special. It brings us together so that we can build one another up and remind us that Christ is the only perfect being.

Understand that everyones mind was created for different things in life. So next time someone asks a question you think is dumb, or is stumbling through something that you know how to do, help them. Guide them. Be there for them.

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