Finding The Good In The World


Finding the good in the world has become more and more difficult the past few years. Almost everything on the news nowadays is related to tragedy, heartbreak, and loss. It feels like we are in a perpetual state of grieving. We do not really hear a ton of news or read a ton of news articles that are about happy and kind acts that have happened, but we know that they are happening all the time! So what are some ways to see the good in life?

  • Filter What Comes In

Filtering what you see and hear is of huge importance. You choose what you see, hear, and experience, and you become what you take in. So if you are constantly listening, watching, and experiencing things that are leaving you filled with despair, hatred, or anger then you are going to be in a constant state of negativity and darkness. If you listen, watch, think, and act with kindness and love then you will be in a more positive world.

  • Focus On The Good

Sounds easy, but it is challenging if you’ve been stuck in a negative world for a while. Focusing on the good things in the world takes practice, but it can actually changes how your mind processes things. Changing what you focus on actually “rewires” your brain, and you begin to look at things differently. Some ways to focus on the good are to actively seek out the good things by watching happy and lighthearted shows, listening to positive music, listening to uplifting podcasts, and reading positive articles and books.

As I said before, you become what you take in, so if you want to see the good then you must also be the good.

  • React To Things In A Positive Manner

Reacting to things in a positive way is another way to help you see the good in the world. When you act out of kindness instead of anger or hatred, you are putting good into the world. By not getting flustered when you get cut off by another driver, or annoyed when the cashier is taking too long, or speaking in a rude manner when someone is being rude to you puts positive energy in you and “rewires” your mind to react to unexpected circumstances in a positive way.

  • Give Out Positive Thought & Energy

This may sound silly or hippy-ish, but it truly does have an impact on the world and yourself. When you give out positive thoughts and energy it can have a huge impact on a person or situation. You see someone walking by you that looks hurt or angry, then pray for them. In a situation where someone is getting all riled up? Take a deep breath, hold your tongue, and pray for them. What about when someone gives you unwanted negative thoughts or is being rude towards you? Switch it around and say something positive about them.

  • Ignore Hate

Have you noticed that when someone does something good there is some sort of backlash? For example, when someone gives money to a man on the street there will be a person that says, “You just wasted that money because he is probably going to go buy alcohol with that money.” Or when a musician starts a foundation for a specific community and there will be people who hate on it because it doesn’t align with their personal views? Understand that people in your life will notice when you start to become a more loving and kind person, and they will say some hurtful things. It can be people who you are close to or even people that you have never met before. Ignore their hateful words, and continue to pour out positivity and goodness into the world. Haters gonna hate.

If you want to see change, then be the change. If you want to live in a world filled with happiness, love, and kindness then you must radiate happiness, love, and kindness. Give it out freely, walk around joyously, and don’t let the haters bring you down.

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