False Worldly Comforts

fullsizeoutput_28fd.jpegOne very gigantic thought came to mind last night… I was laying on the couch watching the greatest T.V. show ever (aka Top Gear UK) munching on some popcorn, and relaxing when all of the sudden 4 dings come from my phone. I pick it up and look at it to see that they all are from my dad. He said “stay safe. Bad storm on the way.” Then another ding goes off and it’s from my mom that says the same thing of “a bad storm is coming, stay safe.” Needless to say I instantly became scared. I began charging my computer and phone and went to hide under the covers.

This storm ended up being pretty bad as my parents had warned me about. Lightening was constant, high winds knocking down tree, and constant pounding rain. But a thought came to mind as I was curled up in bed under fluffy blankets to watch the lightening flash out the window…As I was watching I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by this display of natures true power, and I began to wonder…

The thought that captured my mind was about how we always run away from the one who actually saves us, protects us, and cares for us. We have some how attached all those characteristics to worldly things. We have tried to create our own worlds of safety rather than trusting the only one that can actually keep you safe. We try to find safety in the hearts and presence of people, in the warmth of fabrics, in the shelter of structures, and in the idea that we can control things.
We mistakenly give our hearts to other humans that can barely take care of their own hearts instead of giving it to the one that created it. We mistakenly believe that we can control the universe, when we really just need to trust, accept, and be open to what God has for us.

Safety is an interesting concept that splits us into 2 paths. One being finding safety in worldly things such as money, items, and people. The other being having safety in God, the creator of you, me, and the beautiful workings of life.

I think the most difficult sentence for me to swallow is if God wants me here on Earth, then He will keep me here. If He wants to bring me back home to Him then He will bring me back home. It’s a complicatingly beautiful thought that I have to remind myself of daily. That brief thought is massively humbling and makes me aware of the fact that I have a job here on Earth with a strict amount of time. It helps me realize that I have no control over anything and that God is an incredible, loving, and creative power.  It makes me realize that true comfort is only found in Him.

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