Do You Rely On You, Or God?

fullsizeoutput_2939.jpegI am the worst when it comes to personal life difficulties. I can help everyone through their problems and when they need guidance, but I have to hide away for days when I’m faced with massive choices and challenges. For example, with my college career coming to a close, I am faced with some hard decision. Do I move? Where do I move? What kind of job should I take? Should I go into event planning? Should I go into restaurant management? Should I just completely switch it up and go into the artist world? So…many…decisions…. So much uncertainty.

When we get our security from Christ we no longer have to look at the world.

Through all of this I have been googling things like, “Where is the best place to live in your 20s?” and taking quizzes on where my personality fits best in careers. Anyone else do this?

None of these really helped though. If you are like me it just made me more confused. So I went on a walk and listened to a sermon from my church, and it was a beautiful eye opener. I never realized how much I relied on my own thoughts and everyone else’s thoughts instead of relying on God’s. I was to inwardly focused and figuring out my life, instead of giving it to God for Him to decide.

Basically my life the past few months has been like going on a huge hike with God. Every so often vsomething on the trail sidetracks me, and I start wandering around aimlessly… but thankfully God is always waiting to take my hand and continue leading me onwards.

So, where do you go to in times of distress? Do you hide away to process things on your own, or do you go somewhere to hide away with God and talk it out with Him and His word?

Some questions to end on:

Are we willing to give up all we have to follow Jesus?

Would you give up what defines you so Jesus can define you?

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